Newport Spectrum Technologies | Our Subsidiary
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Our Subsidiary


Ambabra Tecnologies, PLC is our Ethiopian subsidiary headquartered in Addis Ababa. This subsidiary of ours has been setup with the goal to bring lighting technologies and manufacturing expertise to the land of Ethiopia. By setting up local manufacturing facilities in Ethiopia, we aspire to bring a new revolution in the production and consumption of renewable energy products among the citizens of Ethiopia and neighbouring countries.


We at Abramba aim to create employment opportunities for the youth of Ethiopia, develop home grown technological products that can be used within the country to eliminate energy poverty. We also aim to ship the products developed in Ethiopia to markets overseas, thereby creating an export market that will contribute indirectly in the growth of the Ethiopian GDP and a demand in the overseas markets.


It is known that the African market is today a 10 Billion US dollars opportunity market. Africa is projected to have the largest population of citizens without electricity. The un-electrified off grid population is expected to grow over 600 million by the year 2030. Fortunately, the entire African continent is endowed with sufficient solar irradiation, making it conducive to produce and consume solar power.


We would work to capture a pie of this market and trickle the resulting benefits in development of local facilities and employment opportunities. Our facility in Ethiopia would be employing over 300 local youth, there by directly contributing towards the skill development of these youth.


With an ambitious goal to expand our local manufacturing capabilities, we are relentlessly working towards capturing the African solar lighting market and emerging as Africa’s most sought after renewable energy products company.